Saturday, March 9, 2013

Carving News

Terry is really excited about a carving class he'll be going to in August.  He'll be gone 10 days for an intensive class where he'll be carving an owl.  He's hoping to improve his carving and painting skills, to unlearn bad habits and form new ones.  The instructor is a world class carver so he'll be coming home all pumped up to start carving I'm sure.  It's a major sacrifice for him to go in August as that's his favorite time of year for fishing Silvers.  We recently won a Travel Voucher from Hyundai and plan on using it to travel to the Ward World Carving Championship in Baltimore Maryland Spring of 2014. He will be able to take classes and attend seminars, I hope to explore historical sights in the area.  I'll post pictures of all the fun stuff and new carvings I'm sure he's going to be inspired to create. 

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