Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wood Duck

This is Terry's second Wood Duck. The second carving he ever did was a Wood Duck and it's posted at the beginning of the blog. Needless to say he's much happier with this one. He did a grand job, he's quite realistic looking. It was commissioned by a friend who lives in Montana, so Terry boxed him up and shipped him out. We heard he was a big hit, which was great encouragement for Terry.

St. Louis Cardinals

These Cardinals were carved for a friend of Terry's who is a big St. Louis Cardinals Baseball fan. They kept one and gave the other to a friend of thiers. Terry did a great job on these two little guys. The one has quite the facial expression and I so wanted to keep him, but alas he had to go to his new home. :) Terry also carved the bats they are standing on. He feels he's getting the hang of carving Cardinals and plans on doing another one soon.