Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wood Duck

This is Terry's second Wood Duck. The second carving he ever did was a Wood Duck and it's posted at the beginning of the blog. Needless to say he's much happier with this one. He did a grand job, he's quite realistic looking. It was commissioned by a friend who lives in Montana, so Terry boxed him up and shipped him out. We heard he was a big hit, which was great encouragement for Terry.

St. Louis Cardinals

These Cardinals were carved for a friend of Terry's who is a big St. Louis Cardinals Baseball fan. They kept one and gave the other to a friend of thiers. Terry did a great job on these two little guys. The one has quite the facial expression and I so wanted to keep him, but alas he had to go to his new home. :) Terry also carved the bats they are standing on. He feels he's getting the hang of carving Cardinals and plans on doing another one soon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stained Glass Window

Terry and his mom, Laverne

Exterior and Interior views of the window.

Terry commissioned Denise Tindall to make this stained glass window for the Quack Shack Door. She did a awesome job, it is beautiful. His mom, LaVerne, brought it down and with Dan's help they quickly took out the old and put in the new. The pictures don't do it justice but it at least gives everyone an idea of what it looks like. At night when the interior lights are on it takes on a whole other look, equally as gorgeous.
Thank's to Denise for her beautiful creative craftsmanship! And to Mom for such a generous gift!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I thought it would be interesting to show how the carvings begin. This cabinet stores the cut-outs and habitat material he plans on using. On the bottom shelf is a big block of Mango wood his sister sent from Hawaii. He hasn't decided what to make out of it yet, but I'm sure it'll be something spectacular. :) There is a cut-out for a Grayling fish that he's looking forward to working on. That will be a new venture when he starts on that. As he begins to work on some of these I'll be posting thier progress, so keep an eye out for his latest creations.


Terry had a brand made for his carvings. This is on the bottom of the Green Winged Teal. From now on all his carvings will bear this brand.

The Regal Nene

Terry finished the primary tail feathers and the Nene is ready to go to its new home in Hawaii. It's a lovely piece which his sister, Diane, will really enjoy. The details on the neck and tail feathers are quite realistic. A friend from work, Barbara Mize, made the brass name plaque. Working on the Nene inspired Terry to take on another large bird project, he plans on making a Loon for my sister, Trina.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nene Goose in the rough

Terry's sister, Diane, came for a visit from Hawaii the summer of 2008. The Hawaii state bird is the Nene Goose. He decided to carve her one and started on it that fall. He was still stuck carving at the garage workbench during that time. The lower left picture shows the rough cut-out of the Nene. Lower right is after he's carved the form and before the head was attached. The body of the goose is cottonwood the head is Tupelo wood. It's a very hands on process as you can tell from the way he cradles the wood while carving.

Green Winged Teal Drake

The Green Winged Teal is a very nice piece that Terry finished March 2010. When it came time for the Quack Shack to be taped and textured he worked out a trade with cousin Peggy. She did the work and he carved her a duck. It's life size at 10 1/2 in long and 5 1/2 in to top of head.

View of Quack Shack from lake

My cousin Dan took this picture from the lake of the house and Quack Shack.

Quack Shack View

These pictures were taken from the Quack Shack Deck. Between the two spruce trees to the left of the dock is where the duck feeder sits. In the summer there is plenty of activity as the mama's bring in the babies. To the right is the greenhouse and to the left is looking down the end of the lake. The view from the Quack Shack is better than from the house.

Quack Shack Studio

After spending 4 years carving at the cramped garage workbench, in the summer of 2009 we added 12 feet to the back of the garage and built Terry a studio to work in. Before there was one small window partially blocked by his tool box, flourescent lighting, and not very good heating. His feet were always cold. So the studio has in floor heat, four big windows on the front and two on the side. The picture to the left is his carving area. Beneath the counter is the chute for the dust collector that sucks up the sawdust he creates. To the right is the area he will use for painting. That way when he gets tired of working on one thing he can move to another.
He has a refrigerator that he keeps stocked with "libations" and a sink. The garage window is now a walk through door. Next to it is the cabinet he keeps stock with his cut-outs. Behind the closet door is the dust collector to help keep the sound down when it's running. Last, but not least, he has a TV, stereo, satillite receiver and DVD player. Mounted on the walls are 2 speakers that are generally blaring our version of oldies but goodies; hits from the 70's and 80's.

It is a man cave that surpasses most man cave's. He spends most of his days out there and thoroughly enjoys it.

Northern Shoveler Drake

The Northern Shoveler is very colorful and their wide beak makes them stand out. The look in his eye and angle of his head makes him look like a duck the other ducks would not want to mess with. He is life size at 13 in. long and 5 1/2 in. to top of head.

Bufflehead Drake

The Bufflehead is smaller than the other ducks. He is 10 in. long by 3 1/2 in. to top of head. Although not as colorful as the other ducks, the tilt of his head and the feather detail on his back makes him look quite real.


I kept this Nuthatch. I really liked him, he sits among the ducks Terry has carved. He is very lifelike; looks poised and ready for flight.


I wish I had better pictures of the Chickadee's, but they have gone on to live in other homes so these are the best I have. They are lifesize and look like the ones that flit around on our birdfeeder.

Cardinal and Mallard Walking Stick

Terry's mom likes cardinals so he carved this piece for her. He really enjoyed carving it then creating the habitat for it to sit on. He then wanted to try something different so he polished a piece of diamond willow then carved a mallard drakes head to create a walking stick for his mom. They are lovely pieces and hold places of honor in her home.

Rubber Ducky Bookends

Terry made these for our niece and nephew. He used a Rubber Ducky as his model. At first they were going to be just the ducks for the kids. I suggested he make them into bookends, which I think turned out rather cute.

Mallard Drake

This Mallard Drake is quite regal as Terry has him in the alert pose. The detail in the head and tail feathers are quite good. He and the Mallard Hen make good companion pieces. He is life size at 13 in. long and 7 1/2 in. to the top of his head.

Mallard Hen

This my favorite piece. She is so realistic. Her feathers look as if they would be soft to the touch. The tilt of her head reminds me of the inquistive look the mama ducks get when watching out for thier babies. She is life size and sits 13 in. long and 5 in. tall to the top of her head.