Thursday, March 14, 2013

Couple of Loons

The finished Loon is a half size representation.  The unfinished Loon is a three quarter sized one.  Terry wants to put a baby on its back with the head turned to look at it.  It's for my sister who has wanted him to carve her a Loon for some time, she's a little skeptical she'll ever see one sitting at her house.  Terry is determined to prove her wrong :):):)  He plans on getting started with it next time home, but knows with summer coming it won't get finished til next winter.  As Carving season winds down summer projects and fishing will prevail.  Until then enjoy!

Snow Bunting - 2013

Terry decided to carve a Snow Bunting for a raffle at work that's to raise money for a fellow worker who's off for several months because of medical reasons.  They are a common bird on the slope and are the first to arrive in the Spring.  He was crunched for time and finished it rather quickly so needless to say it's not quite the way he wanted it.  I think it looks fine and is a cute little bird. 

Finished Loon - 2013

We get to enjoy this nice piece til the end of April when it'll fly away to its new home.  It's to be a surprise birthday present and has to wait til then to leave.  Terry really enjoyed working on the Loon.  He learned some new things and is frustrated with wanting to know better techniques, tis the reason he's going to a class this summer.  I think he did a good job on it, but in typical Terry fashion he's quick to point out all that's wrong with it, oh well!  :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Carving News

Terry is really excited about a carving class he'll be going to in August.  He'll be gone 10 days for an intensive class where he'll be carving an owl.  He's hoping to improve his carving and painting skills, to unlearn bad habits and form new ones.  The instructor is a world class carver so he'll be coming home all pumped up to start carving I'm sure.  It's a major sacrifice for him to go in August as that's his favorite time of year for fishing Silvers.  We recently won a Travel Voucher from Hyundai and plan on using it to travel to the Ward World Carving Championship in Baltimore Maryland Spring of 2014. He will be able to take classes and attend seminars, I hope to explore historical sights in the area.  I'll post pictures of all the fun stuff and new carvings I'm sure he's going to be inspired to create. 

Loon - 2013

It's been almost a year since posting on the blog, for a variety of reasons, but that doesn't mean Terry hasn't been busy carving.  He's been commissioned to carve this Loon as a birthday gift.  It's his first Loon so he's put a lot of time into, because as usual he wants to get it just right. He got the idea for the habitat from a carving magazine, it represents rippling water, I think it will really set it off once the Loon is painted.  I will post pictures of the finished project. 

Puffin - Christmas 2012

Terry was commissioned to carve the Puffin as a Christmas Present for a guy's wife.  She loves Puffins we're told.  I didn't get the chance to take its "formal" portrait; Terry quickly snapped pictures of it before he headed north to deliver it.  This is his 4th Puffin and each one gets more better :)