Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blue Ribbons

Congratulations! Terry placed first in the intermediate waterfowl division for the Artistry in Wood contest. As a result he's received a commission to carve another one. It's the first time he'd entered any of his carvings and is quite pleased. Dean Bivens, a fellow carver, lives in Anchorage and encouraged Terry to enter some of his work. He used Erwin Flewelling's Puffin book to help him with the how-to carving process and has ordered four more rough cut-outs from him.

I had to talk Terry into entering the Northern Shoveler. All he can see is its flaws I thought it was a good piece. There's a more detailed posting of it in Older posts on the blog. At first there was someone who wanted a Shoveler but Terry talked with them and instead will do another Wood Duck, also posted in an older blog. Winning the ribbons have really encouraged Terry in his carving abilities. Congratulations to my talented husband!!!


This the fourth Cardinal Terry's carved and he's getting faster at it. This one was commissioned as a gift for someone's wife. They wanted a winter scene so he mounted it on a piece of driftwood and applied artifical snow. It is quite a charming piece, I think, and yes I am prejudice. It will fly south and make it's permanent home in Montana.


Terry carved this his first Puffin to enter in the 2011 Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Artistry in Wood contest. It took a couple weeks from start to finish. It was the first time he created the habitat, which posed quite the challenge for him. But overall he did a good job and knows how he will do better next time. The lichen is real, the moss is made out of sawdust. The feet and legs are from a catalog.